1. Taking a class with Bianca is both intriguing and challenging. Her yoga style stimulates mind and body. Bianca's confidence in yoga with her knowledge and skill shines in class because of her background in Education. She teaches to each individual with thought and purpose. My favorite thing about taking Bianca's yoga is that she is not afraid to challenge you and show you something new for your practice. She is mindful of modification for the beginning yogi, and ready to take any advanced yogi deeper into their practice. I look forward to taking her next class!
    Heidi Dowty
  2. I have had the pleasure to participate in Bianca’s yoga classes. I can say, without reservation, that she would be an asset in most any setting where yoga is taught. She makes things fun and fresh for the students. She is clear in her instructions and is very knowledgeable. She offers safe, balanced and sensible sequences that allows students to experience the best of their capabilities. Bianca is sweet and enthusiastic. Love her classes.
    Regina Seidler McMurray
  3. It’s been a really nice experience practicing with Teacher Bianca. Her instruction was clear and easy to understand. You don’t have to worry about the pace either you are new or you haven’t practiced yoga for a while. You can just relax and enjoy doing yoga with her. I learned a lot from the class and I think it’s so beneficial to my body and my mentality. I sincerely recommend any of you who would like to join wonderful yoga lessons practice with Bianca, you won’t be disappointed.
    Yung-Han Huang
  4. Yoga with Bianca is incredible. Bianca connects with her students and inspires us on a deeper level. Her warmth and strength shine through in her teaching and I leave the class feeling energized and free.
    Julia Kononenko