Yoga With Bianca - Meditation in PDX
Welcome to Yoga With Bianca
   Offering classes in English, Français and Español, my education specializes in Physiology and Anatomy with experience and education in a variety of styles. In 10+ years I have taken my yoga journey through 20+ countries, studied yoga in three languages and learned to transfer the benefits of yoga across all factors of life. I provide students various avenues to enhance their self expression, as well as develop and maintain their physical, mental and spiritual well-being.
Private Classes
Corporate Wellness
Online Training
The way yoga fits into your life is unique to you. Whether you’re a beginning or a seasoned yogi, YWB helps you develop a practice suited for your needs. Offering private one-on-one or small group classes. Take a class suited directly for you or team up with friends and make it a group experience.  All levels and styles of yoga are welcome. 
   YWB offers on-site yoga classes, which provide stress reduction, gentle exercise, stretching, breathing techniques and more. Corporate Wellness helps employees to develop greater concentration, motivation, relaxation, clarity, creativity and energy in the workplace. All levels are welcome, and no prior yoga experience is required.
Offering yoga for every level, wherever you are. Your daily life can be hectic and finding time to yourself maybe be tough. When things get chaotic or you’re on a schedule that constantly varies, you need yoga that fits into your time. Online YWB classes range from 30 - 90 minutes, so you can choose how much time to commit. 
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